Find your way

Rute to EnergyHub

EnergyHub is located in a area that is to become the most sustainable city district. But we are not there yet, which is why it sometimes can be hard to navigate the area. So here is a guide to how to reach Energy Nordhavn from the Nordhavn st. by cycling or from the O2 main road. 

A) From Kalkbrænderihavnsgade go to Corkgade through Trelloborggade

B) Just before the road transforms to Århusgade turn right at Southamptongade. 

C) Here the go by Glückstadvej to Orientkaj  

D) Follow Orientkaj all the way around the pier where the road changes name to Sundkaj (E). 

F) Continue until you reach the main entrance Sundkaj 7 in Pakhus 47


For cyclist, follow the same rute as above but turn right at Klubiensvej (C) instead of Orientkaj and right again just before Pakhus 47 (D). From here it’s just around the corner. 



You have to pay to park your car in the area. You have two options to pay. Either you can buy a ticket from the P-ticket machine on the corner of Pakhus 47 (marked on the map) or you can use the app easy park and use the area code 4188.

Purple areas on the map shows where you can park your car around Energy.Hub

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